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Welcome to Your Aromatherapy Store!

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…..a little something about me

My name is Angela, I’m a wife, a mother, an educational assistant in a special needs diagnostic classroom, a student of yoga and I like to work on computer projects (hence this website). I have a passion for essential oils and am a true believer in their benefits.

My first experience with aromatherapy happened when I was about 7 years old. My grandmother often wore a necklace that had a mini ceramic bottle with a cork on the top. I remember her popping the tiny cork out and smelling something inside the bottle. She would often let me have a smell too. If my memory serves me correctly, it was sage that she kept in her little bottle. Grandma knew the benefits of aromatherapy. In fact, this knowledge has been around for thousands of years.

As an adult, I use essential oils in my home on a regular basis. In addition to being beneficial for a number of ailments it makes your home smell great! I love coming home from a long day at work and putting a few drops of lavender into my diffuser and just breathing it in. The effect is almost instant, I’m relaxed and at peace…..

I will never stop working in one way or another. I like to keep busy, however, I am not sure I want to continue being an educational assistant forever. My plan is to retire in less than a decade, currently I am trying to establish new hobbies and interests with long term goals. The idea of combining two of my existing interests (computer projects and essential oils) into a new hobby (this website) excites me to the core.

My Goal for this Website

The goal for my website is to provide informative articles and quality products related to aromatherapy. I intend to provide quick, honest and reliable service to my customers.

If you have any comments with respect to this site or aromatherapy please feel free to leave a comment.

Have a great day!

Angela (founder of Your Aromatherapy Store)


I am not an authority when it comes to medical issues and I would strongly recommend a visit to your doctor if you are experiencing a serious medical problem.