Essential Oils for Concentration and Memory – Aromatherapy has a Solution

Essenstial Oils for Concentration and Memory
Essenstial Oils for Concentration and Memory

Do you ever experience the inability to concentrate? Do you ever wonder why you can’t recall things that you know you should? Are you a student that finds it hard to buckle down and study at times? Do you sit in meetings at work and find that your mind wanders? Not to worry, I’m sure we all experience this from time to time. Essential oils can offer us some help at these times. Yeah!

I use essential oils on a regular basis. In fact, before I sat down to write this article, I added a few drops of peppermint to my diffuser and turned it on. Peppermint essential oil can stimulate your mind, making it easier to concentrate….but more on that a little later.

There are many essential oils available and they can provide a wide array of benefits. In this article we will be looking at essential oils for concentration and memory.

Some Essential Oil Recommendations

The following is a list of essential oils that are known to increase your ability to concentrate and improve memory.

Peppermint Essential Oil

essential oils for concentration and memory
Peppermint Leaves/Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is a very popular choice. The scent of this oil helps to wake up all your senses, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand. Other benefits can include:

  • increased cognitive function
  • increased memory
  • increased energy
  • reduced nervousness
  • reduced headaches

Rosemary Essential Oil

essential oils for concentration and memory

Rosemary has an extensive and interesting history with many references regarding its abilities to strengthen memory. It was mentioned in Hamlet, when Ophelia is speaking to her brother, she says, “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance”. Greek scholars wore rosemary in their hair when studying as they believed it helped them remember what they were learning. It was used in various ceremonies and is a symbol for remembrance.

It is thought that rosemary can act in the same way as modern medication used to treat dementia. It causes an increase in the neurotransmitter called acetylcholine (a chemical message released by nerve cells to send signals to other cells). This is pretty awesome!

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense is known as the “King of Oils”. It has earned this name because of the vast benefits it provides. Yes, increased cognitive and memory functions are a benefit but check out the following list to see many more examples of what Frankincense can be used for:

essential oils for emotional healing
  • boosts immunity

  • promotes a balanced and calm mood
  • headache relief
  • promotes cellular health
  • promotes healthy skin
  • relaxation and tension reduction
  • anti-depressant
  • is thought to fight cancer and relieve the side effects of chemotherapy
  • antiseptic and disinfectant agent
  • may balance hormones
  • aids digestion
  • pain relief
  • This list is not complete but doesn’t it sound amazing so far?

    Lemon Essential Oil

    Lemon essential oil is another popular choice. It has numerous benefits which can include:

    • increased mental clarity

    essential oils for concentration and memory
  • relaxation
  • reduced stress
  • regulation of dopamine and serotonin levels
  • reduced depressive symptoms
  • reduced stress and anxiety levels
  • In addition to the above benefits, lemon oil can be used to clean your home. If you would like to know more about cleaning your home with lemon EOs, you can find some information within a previous article. Click here to go to that article. 🙂

    Other essential oils that may be helpful for concentration and memory are:

    • Basil
    • Sage
    • Lavender
    • Cypress

    Diffusing oils in a diffuser is a popular way to get the benefits of essential oils. Portable diffusers and roll-ons are a great option as well, they fit in your purse or pocket! Check out these nifty portable diffusers.

    Corked Portable Aromatherapy

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    Lower Cortisol Levels – Improve Concentration and Memory

    In our modern and busy world it is not surprising that many of us feel stressed out. Some of us feel overwhelmed every day making it hard to concentrate and remember things.

    essential oils for concentration and memory

    When we feel stress, our bodies create a hormone called cortisol. A certain amount of this hormone is good as it helps to regulate the body to meet its physiological demands. However, if we are under too much stress, our bodies can produce too much cortisol and this can be harmful. In addition to the decrease in our ability to concentrate and remember things we can develop other serious conditions such as:

    • weight gain
    • diabetes
    • cardiovascular diseases
    • autoimmune diseases
    • gastrointestinal issues

    What can we do? Is it possible to eliminate our stressors? Perhaps there are some things we can do to lower stress levels but for the most part, the answer is probably NO. We must press on and deal with our responsibilities. We will continue to go to work, have deadlines, raise our children, drive in crazy traffic, deal with difficult people, cope with health problems, the list goes on. No wonder we find it hard to concentrate and remember things sometimes!!

    The good news is that essential oils can offer us some help. Inhaling these oils can improve our stress response by calming our sympathetic nervous system which in turn will lower our cortisol levels. That is very beneficial!

    In addition to improving our concentration and memory, essential oils have a plenty of other health benefits also, they can include:

    • reduced anxiety
    • promoting a positive mood
    • promoting relaxation and sleep
    • pain relief
    • prevention of certain diseases
    • lowering blood pressure
    • promoting skin health
    • anti-inflammatory effects
    • reducing nausea
    • boosting your immune system
    • improving digestion
    • anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties

    In Conclusion

    As you can see, essential oils can benefit us in various ways. They are easy to use and cost very little when you consider the benefits you will receive. So, if you decide to try EOs for your concentration and memory, your overall health is going to be improved. That’s an awesome thing.

    Generally speaking, most people can use essential oils with no adverse side effects. Of course, it is best to always use your common sense and read the labels. Essential oils are very POTENT and should be treated in the manner you would treat any medication.

    I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. It is also my hope that if you have not experienced all the benefits that essential oils have to offer that you will give them a try. Not only will you gain the many, many benefits, you will also love the way your house and home will smell while diffusing them.

    If you have any comments about this article, I would love to hear from you. Please comment below.

    Have an awesome day!

    Angela (Founder of Your Aromatherapy Store)

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