Spearmint Essential Oil – A Sweet Mild Mint

Delivery Order Mistake


A parcel with an X on it.

I didn’t intend to write about Spearmint at this time. A mistake in my delivery order led to this article. I was delivered a bottle of Spearmint EO when I had ordered Peppermint EO. What to do? What to do? Do I return this Spearmint essential oil that I didn’t order?

After my initial disappointment I decided that it wasn’t so bad. Perhaps I would take this opportunity to study up on Spearmint Essential Oil.

Since the article topic presented itself I decided to jump in and do the research.

What do you think of when you hear the word spearmint?  The only thing that really came to mind (prior to writing this article) was the gum, made by Wrigley’s.  It’s been around for years! I have fond memories of my grandmother when I look at the picture below. She would often carry some in her purse to share with the grandkids!  Ahhh…..memories. 🙂

Three packages of spearmint gum.
Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum

What is Spearmint?

Spearmint essential oil is made from the herb Mentha spicata. The spearmint plant is native to the Mediterranean region and can be found in many places including Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

Mentha Spicata leaves

The plant has bright green leaves with multiple spear-like points around the edge, hence its name. This plant grows flowers that are white, light purple or light pink in color.

Purple Mentha spicata flowers
Mentha spicata

If you’ve ever chewed Wrigley’s Spearmint gum then you are familiar with its pleasantly sweet and slightly fruity taste. Many breath fresheners, candies and oral hygiene products also contain spearmint. Spearmint kills bacteria in your mouth that causes bad breath.

Spearmint essential oil is steam distilled from the plant’s leaves, stems and flowers.

Spearmint, Peppermint, What’s the Difference?

Peppermint and Spearmint are related, they both belong to the Mentha genus and both contain Menthol. Spearmint contains significantly less menthol; its effects are milder and the scent is softer.

Compared to Peppermint, Spearmint’s aroma is slightly fruity and less bright.

Spearmint is a great option to use around children, the elderly, people with sensitive skin, and those that enjoy mint but find peppermint to be too strong.

Spearmint can be substituted for peppermint when blending or used in combination with peppermint to create a less intense effect.

The Benefits of Spearmint

Spearmint has been used for thousands of years. As I was researching I kept of list of the ailments that it has been known to help. The list became so long, I had to condense it a little. If you would like further information, a reference list with links has been provided at the end of the article.

Eases nausea and vomiting
Helps alleviate respiratory issues due to colds and allergies
Soothes insect bites
Helps to ease the discomfort of Athlete’s Foot
Contains energy-inducing properties
May improve concentration
Helps ease feelings of depression, anxiety and mental stress
Helps with digestion, flatulence, related abdominal pain
High in antioxidants
May help to balance hormones
May improve memory
Fights bacterial infections
May help lower blood sugar
Has a sedative effect
May help lower blood pressure
Helps relieve muscle spasms
Anti-Microbial Properties
Pain relief for headaches, muscles and joints
Helps relieve menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding
Helps soothe inflamed and itchy skin
Promotes quick healing of cuts and wounds

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Fun with Blends

I am looking forward to trying some new blends with my unexpected purchase of Spearmint essential oil. LOL Right now I am diffusing eucalyptus and spearmint. It’s a nice, uplifting scent experience.

Spearmint blends well with many oils such as peppermint, rosemary, basil, bay laurel, orange, clary sage, grapefruit, eucalyptus and lavender to name a few.

If you choose to use spearmint (or any essential oil) for topical application, it is best to dilute in a carrier oil first.

Spearmint is a top note. If you are interested in mixing and blending oils with respect to perfumery notes, you can find more information here

Here are a few fun blends to try in your diffuser. The amount of drops can be adjusted to suit your preference and diffuser capacity.

Suggested Blends using spearmint


As it turns out, I am glad that I received the wrong oil in my delivery! I am happy to have learned about Spearmint essential oil. I had no intentions of purchasing this particular EO anytime soon. After diffusing it and researching it, I am glad to add it to my growing collection of oils! 🙂

One thing that was mentioned numerous times throughout my research was that Spearmint EO was not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. If you have any questions or comments about Spearmint EO or aromatherapy, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to use the comment box below.

Wishing each and everyone of you a Very Happy Holiday Season. This is a very busy time of year, with additional tasks and attending many gatherings, it’s easy to get run down. Take good care of yourselves and stay happy and healthy.

Angela (founder of Your Aromatherapy Store)



I would like to remind you that essential oils are very POTENT and should be used with common sense and caution. Always read the labels. If you are currently taking any prescribed medication it is recommended that you speak to your doctor before using essential oils.

If you are concerned about allergies, you may want to perform a patch test on your skin.

It is also good to be aware that some essential oils are photo toxic. Avoid the sun as necessary when using these oils.

Please know that some oils are not recommended if you are pregnant or nursing.

Essential oils are considered “complementary and alternative medicines” and are not always a substitute for professional medical intervention and advice. If you are experiencing severe physical or mental illness it is best to contact a medical professional.

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8 Replies to “Spearmint Essential Oil – A Sweet Mild Mint”

  1. Wonderful job of taking the wrong and making a right. Really amazed at all the benefits of spearmint.

    Going to read up more in your references as can see that many of the benefits associated with spearmint might be helpful to my well-being.

    Article is exceedingly informative and interesting. The flow as I read makes me want to know more and the references are great.

    Did a great job of researching your topic even if it wasn’t what you requested.

    Thanks for including recipes for the different blends. Looking forward to reading more of your articles.

    1. Hi Barry,
      I sure appreciate your comments. I hope you find some useful information in the reference links. Have you used essential oils before? They have a ton of benefits.
      I’m glad you found the article interesting. If you decide to give spearmint essential oil a try perhaps you could pop by again and let us know how it worked out for you.
      Best Wishes!

  2. Thanks for another interesting article! Any idea if spearmint is safe around pets? I know peppermint is not good for cats so wondering if spearmint is a good alternative! 🙂

    1. Hi Amanda,
      That is a great question, thanks for bring it up. To be honest, I do not have the answer for that right now. I have a cat and I do diffuse peppermint once in a while. Whenever I diffuse oils (any oil), I make sure my cat can leave the area if she wants, I don’t use an over abundance and I open a window for a bit to let in some fresh air.
      I have heard differing opinions on the safety of using oils around cats (animals). Animals and essential oils is a topic that I have scheduled to research and write about in February. I will be sure to research peppermint/spearmint in particular. Again, I appreciate the question.
      Take good care!

  3. Hi Angela, I really enjoyed reading about spearmint oil. I diffuse and use several oils that have become my favorites, but I have never tried spearmint. Perhaps I need to expand my cabinet of oils…in the New Year!

    1. Hi Liz,
      I was glad, in the end, to have received spearmint essential oil by mistake. It’s a lovely little oil to have on hand. It’s not too strong or overpowering. Quite a nice addition to my collection.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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